How I got banned from Twitter

“Does Islamic State have a football team?” my eight-year-old son asked.  In a house that pulls for Florida State, but where we also speak of “NC State” and “Ohio State” with some regularity the question was innocent, reasonable, and delighted the adults who heard him ask.  Naturally, his question also birthed the Twitter page Islamic State Football.  The ideas came to me fast and furious, comic gold in my estimation, as football is a collision sport surrounded by the language of violence (shotgun formation, long bomb, pound the rock, etc.) and the Islamic State’s violent ideology clashes with the rest of civilization.  This struck me as an interesting pairing at least for those who are into foreign policy and American college football.   Admittedly, that is a small spot on the Venn diagram of the twitterati, but still, I thought it would be fun. Continue Reading