The Gin Chronicles Vol. 1: Mule Day

The ginger beer had traveled like a garden gnome, moving from shelf to shelf in the refrigerator by the natural process of shuffling leftover lasagna, bagged salads, bad mushrooms, and that jalapeño jelly that would have been perfect with the cheese and crackers the other night if only I could have found it. Seven moves is the limit, however; after that the peripatetic pilsner has to go.

The wife and I fancy ourselves connoisseurs of the grape, the tannin, and the sulfite headache. Red wine is our drink of choice when an adult beverage is called for, preferably cabs as our brutal American tongues have reduced the phonetically gorgeous cabernet sauvignon. When we feel like a cool drink, however, we normally go for a low-cal, refreshing gin and tonic (click here for our recipe, only 3 points on Weight Watchers!). A few days back as the mercury rose over 90 for the first time this year the mood felt right for a cool one. I opened the door of the fridge and noticed the ginger beer leaning precariously forward from atop a thawed chicken. I’d given Aimee a set of copper mugs as a gift not long ago. How about a Moscow Mule? I asked. Continue Reading