Everyone Should Have a Roll Top Desk

open-deskEveryone should have a roll top desk

To store one’s inoperable pens

In a center drawer full of check stubs

Where the scissors should have been


Everyone should have a roll top desk

With drawers for all situations

Big ones for ancient IRS files,

Small for mismatched invitations

A roll top desk has so many slots

for putting paper slips in

Forgotten permission forms, invoices,

the place to manage subscriptions


Every pile on the desk has a TIME magazine,

open to a different page

Putin in Ukraine, Trump’s nomination,

a review of Adeline’s Age


I know not where to find the cord

for the lone computer that operates

But the roll top desk has all of the wires

from nineteen hundred and ninety eight.


Anyway, the sleek, Victorian styling,

far too mod for the English Tudors,

Has a desktop much too old and small

to hold these modern computers


A warehouse for dancer’s slippers

When a slipper’s dancer won’t put them away

You can store all your puzzles with three missing pieces

With which no child will play


The drawers collect junk

The edges hold dust

The rollers are perfect

for dirt to encrust


There are copious places for holding your vases

Of wilting wildflowers and roses

So why, do you ask,

Should one have a roll top desk?


Because it’s the only kind that closes.closed-desk

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